Greencap designs and launches bespoke GREAT Leader program

Greencap designs and launches bespoke GREAT Leader program

The GREAT Leader program was developed internally and exclusively for Greencap, in alignment with the company’s culture, values, strategy and the Industrial and Safety leadership competencies. The program also takes into account feedback received from the 2020 employee engagement survey.  

The aim of the GREAT Leader program is to focus on enhancing leadership skills for leaders and team members. The GREAT acronym represents a core set of leadership expectations and underpins the training framework. It stands for growth mindset, results driven, engages people, adaptable and trustworthy. 

The program provides leaders with the skills and experience to demonstrate the GREAT Leader expectations. It also gives a common language and tools to use in teams’ day-to-day interactions with others. While most of the GREAT Leader expectations represent what Greencap leaders may already be doing, the program establishes an expectation benchmark’. All people leaders at Greencap, including the Executive Leadership Team, have signed up to the GREAT Leader expectations as a commitment to the program and further developing their leadership skills. 

A blended learning approach is used and has been adapted to meet the changing work environment. It includes virtual classrooms, LinkedIn learning, reading material and peer coaching sessions. ‘iLearn’ sessions (for leader training and practising) and ‘iTeach’ sessions (for leader-led training for their teams) are part of the program, helping to further embed and reinforce learning. Monthly learning sessions are delivered through 60 to 90-minute online classrooms, with the program running for 12 to 18 months. The GREAT Leader program site (via the Greencap intranet) has also been developed where participants can access training material, additional resources and recordings of all online sessions. 

Michelle Orr and Maree Dalzotto were instrumental in developing the GREAT Leader Program at Greencap, with Michelle now leading the development of the content and delivery of the training to leaders and team members. 

Greencap is dedicated to supporting the professional growth and development of its people. The GREAT Leader program supports this goal by increasing capability and building bench strength through targeted development of the team and in turn, the business.