Product quality and safety

We are committed to providing our customers with safe products.


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Wesfarmers is committed to providing customers with safe, quality products. Proactively managing the safety and quality of the products we sell is central to our primary objective of providing a satisfactory return to shareholders as it builds strong relationships with customers, positioning our retail businesses as trusted and committed to customer safety. All the products Wesfarmers supplies must be safe and comply with the product safety laws of the countries where we sell them. All divisions regularly share learnings through the Wesfarmers Product Safety Forum, held quarterly.   

We take compliance with the product safety requirements of the relevant Australian and New Zealand consumer laws seriously. For own-brand products this includes ensuring that: 

  • the products we supply comply with the product safety standards and relevant Australian and New Zealand consumer law requirements 
  • we have appropriate policies that describe when and how we recall goods and  compensate customers for loss caused by goods with a safety defect 
  • we promptly withdraw and recall products that may cause injury to any person 
  • we report product safety incidents as required 
  • we proactively manage any potential product safety issues and take a leadership role in the retail industry. 

Wesfarmers divisions regularly share learnings through the Wesfarmers Product Safety Forum, which is held quarterly with more than 20 members from across the Group. During the year, Wesfarmers' retail divisions conducted extensive work to improve their product safety frameworks and risk assessment processes based on AS ISO 10377:2017 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers. 

Our divisions are proud to show leadership in the industry with their representatives closely collaborating with several industry organisations and associations to encourage best practice and remain informed about regulatory updates and emerging issues. Our retail divisions support the product safety community by actively participating in Standards Australia committee work. 

During the year, Wesfarmers engaged an independent business and human rights advisory business to undertake an analysis of salient human rights impacts for the Group. Ensuring product safety for our customers was identified as one of the six salient human rights impacts. Over the coming year, each division will refine their processes to ensure continuous improvement in managing this issue.  

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