Providing a wider range of greener choices

Providing a wider range of greener choices

Officeworks recognises that customers want to take more sustainable actions, and one way is by purchasing more sustainable products that are better for the planet. 

Choosing more sustainable products is the easiest way for Officeworks customers to make a positive difference when shopping with them. That is why Officeworks is working to source and design more products which are both sustainable and cost-effective, while maintaining the quality and functionality that Officeworks customers expect. Officeworks’ approach is guided by principles that help determine the most sustainable product options in a given category. One example of this was its new sustainable back to school range that included 55 products designed from recycled and renewable materials, available at comparable prices and at the same quality as existing products.  

In November 2020, Officeworks launched the Greener Choices range of products online, introducing enhanced website navigation to make it easier for customers to find sustainable products. The program now includes almost 2,000 products across eleven greener choice categories, including;  

  • Plastic-free – products that are free from plastic using plant-based materials or organic materials only. Products include paper-based packaging filler and plastic-free glitter.  
  • Bamboo – products primarily created from bamboo, a fast-growing renewable resource used in products such as desk-accessories and a growing range of technology accessories.   
  • Natural ingredients – products formulated with ingredients that will not be harmful to humans or animals such as natural cleaning supplies.  
  • Supporting communities – products designed by a local partner with a focus on giving back to the community, including our range of Cultural Choice Indigenous office supplies, in which proceeds contribute to programs to prevent of Aboriginal Youth Suicide.  
  • Recycled content – products created using recycled materials such as paper or plastic sources. Products include copy paper, notebooks and pens.   
  • Zero waste – products to help you reduce your household or business waste, such as reusable drink bottles and recycling bins.  

Officeworks is committed to ensuring any environmental claims are appropriately substantiated. This year, it continued its partnership with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) to have them conduct an independent third-party assessment of environmental claims on selected products.  

With customers responding favourably,  Officeworks are exploring how it can make it easier for customers to find these products and understand the benefits in store. Officeworks teams will continue to source and design more sustainable products, which is now integrated into the category review process, and it will assess the partnership with GECA and consider third-party endorsement on a wider range of greener choice products.