Using data responsibly and ethically

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In an increasingly digital world in which people are sharing and generating more data than ever before, the way data is used and protected has never been more important. Even in the context of data, upholding the right to privacy is a fundamental human right.  

Officeworks recognises digital privacy is a complex issue. While some of Officeworks’ customers prefer a personalised experience when shopping, others prefer to keep their anonymity. Officeworks is committed to using data responsibly and ethically in line with customer expectations and maintains its promise to never sell their customers' data to third parties.  

As Officeworks continued to strengthen its data governance and in line with its commitment of maintaining and building customer trust, this year the Officeworks Leadership Team adopted specific consent management principles to be applied in each area where customer information is collected and used. These principles further reinforce Officeworks’ desire to provide a compliant, transparent and mutually beneficial model for obtaining consent to use, manage and disclose customer information, where customers can retain control of what they share and manage their preferences at any time. 

Next year, Officeworks will continue to adapt and respond to the evolving nature of data management and put in place appropriate governance approaches to ensure it stays abreast of such challenges and continues to enhance its approach. Officeworks will continue to focus on how it can increase transparency with its customers, maintain its high standards of data security and use the data it has in an ethical and responsible way.