Reducing emissions throughout our supply chain

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While a significant amount of the emissions Officeworks is directly responsible for is energy usage, Officeworks is aware indirect emissions, such as those relating to the manufacturing of the products it sells and their transportation, also play a part in contributing to climate change. 

While these emissions are outside Officeworks’ direct control, there are opportunities to help partners and suppliers reduce them, and therefore, impact on the climate. Officeworks’ first step is to conduct data analytics and research to better understand its Scope 3 emissions profile (those indirect emissions associated with their supply chain activities). Officeworks completed an initial analysis in the 2020 financial year to identify where it needed to focus its efforts first, and further refined this during the 2021 financial year. These findings demonstrate the activities which cause the highest emissions are those relating to the raw materials and production of technology products.  

Many of Officeworks’ international suppliers have set their own carbon emission reduction strategies. Officeworks will continue working with them, as well as suppliers who are not as progressed, so collectively they can work towards the same goal of reducing climate impact. Officeworks is also rethinking how it designs products in line with circular economy principals that prioritises renewable and recycled content, which can be recycled or reused at the end of product life cycle. Embracing this approach across products and packaging contributes to reducing Officeworks’ Scope 3 emissions.  

Scope 3 data is complex and constantly evolving, therefore Officeworks will continue to undertake further data analytics to help inform its priorities and opportunities where it can influence emission reductions throughout the value chain and work closely with suppliers to implement these changes. As Officeworks datasets and future modelling improves, it will look to establish a long-term Scope 3 emissions reduction target.