Providing a helping hand to small businesses

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Small businesses are the backbone of Officeworks’ communities, but they are often the first to face financial hardship in times of crisis. 

As critical members of the community and customers that rely on products and services to run their business, Officeworks is committed to helping small businesses survive through the COVID-19 pandemic and thrive when it is over. 

This year, Officeworks provided support to more than 3,000 small businesses when they needed it most. As part of its commitment to becoming a part of where they live and work, Officeworks store teams are encouraged to connect with local schools, community groups, not-for-profit organisations and local businesses to lend a helping hand through in-kind donations or various community engagement initiatives.  

Officeworks team members are quick to respond and support their communities during a crisis. The New South Wales floods and Perth bushfires highlighted the community spirit of the Officeworks team. During these times of adversity, Officeworks store teams, Customer Fulfilment Centres and support offices came together to commit time and resources to make a positive difference. More than $12,000 in products and cash was donated to local organisations providing disaster relief.  

In February, Officeworks introduced a Local Community Engagement team to put a renewed focus on supporting local communities . This team helps stores make local connections and determine how and when to provide support.  

While Officeworks has supported more than 3,000 small businesses through their store teams, there is an opportunity for Officeworks to better understand how to make a more meaningful impact for small businesses in the communities where it operates.  

Given the ongoing challenges businesses have experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Officeworks will reassess how it can best support local businesses and adapt its strategy and approach to best meet those challenges next year.