Kmart launches new range of dolls with disabilities

Packaging for the planet

In the 2021 financial year, Kmart continued its journey to create products that have a broader social impact within the community by celebrating the things that make people different. 

In September 2020, Kmart launched an assortment of new fashion dolls, which included people living with hearing, vision and mobility disabilities. Kmart launched the dolls with disabilities as part of a broader fashion range to assist with normalising disability and minimising stigma associated with disability. In December 2020, Kmart also launched a range of dolls with Down syndrome. The new range of dolls with disabilities make up part of the growing diversity which is represented within Kmart’s products, including same-sex parent family sets and dolls of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. 

To support the creation of Kmart’s dolls with disabilities, Kmart connected with multiple community advocacy organisations to better understand how to meaningfully represent people living with a disability and ensure the products Kmart created were a true representation of people with disability.  

Kmart believes by creating doll ranges with disability it is providing children with an opportunity to find products that they can relate to, while assisting other children to learn more about people that might be different to themselves.