Stakeholder engagement

Collaboration with industry-wide initiatives, government and non-government organisations is an important strategy to better manage modern slavery risks. 

Many third-party organisations, such as Corporate Human Rights Benchmark and Baptist World Aid, provide ratings on the Group's performance and help to drive the Group's program to reduce modern slavery risks. Wesfarmers’ divisions work collaboratively with non-government organisations on a range of projects. This year, non-government organisations engaged with the Group on ethical sourcing and human rights generally as well as formally through collaborations. The Group participates in and supports a range of initiatives that aim to improve working conditions in suppliers’ factories, as set out below.



Participating business 

A ground-breaking agreement between global brands, retailers and trade unions to transform the garment, textile and footwear industry by achieving living wages for workers through collective bargaining at the industry level 

Kmart Group 

The industry association created to support individuals and organisations by promoting the use of independent social compliance audits as a tool to advance workplace conditions globally 

Bunnings, Officeworks, Blackwoods, New Zealand Safety Blackwoods, Bullivants, Workwear Group, Coregas and Greencap 

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) 

A global not-for-profit organisation overseeing the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. BCI’s sustainable cotton practices include robust standards prohibiting forced labour and promoting decent working conditions

Kmart Group and Workwear Group

Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF)


An organisation that brings businesses, unions, government and workers together to help raise the conditions of cleaners in Australia. Officeworks is a member of the retail working group


Collaborative Advantage 


A platform for New Zealand ethical and sustainable sourcing practitioners to discuss and share best practice approach to modern slavery and ethical sourcing

Bunnings, Blackwoods and New Zealand Safety Blackwoods

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) 

An accreditation body working collaboratively with local textile, clothing and footwear businesses to protect and uphold the rights of Australian garment workers

Blackwoods and Workwear Group

In addition to sustainable forestry practices, FSC standards consider social and economic wellbeing of workers, to ensure harvesting sites are free from forced or bonded labour

Bunnings, Kmart Group, Officeworks and Blackwoods

International Labour Organisation (ILO) /International Finance Corporation Better Work Program 

An organisation to improve working conditions and respect of labour rights for factory workers

Kmart Group

An international, non-profit, non-government organisation that promotes sustainable forest management


Sedex stakeholder initiatives 

Involvement in Sedex initiatives to support the evolution of the platform and identify best practice opportunities, including the ANZ Advisory Group, Data Framework Taskforce, Grievance Mechanism Approach, Audit Framework and API Beta Program

Bunnings, Blackwoods, New Zealand Safety Blackwoods and Workwear Group

An independent agreement designed to ensure a safe working environment in the Bangladesh garment industry

Kmart Group, Workwear Group 

United Nations Global Compact Network Australia (UNGCA) Modern Slavery Community of Practice 

A group that shares emerging best practice to build common capability in addressing modern slavery human rights risk management among Australian businesses


Bunnings, Kmart Group, Officeworks, Blackwoods and Wesfarmers Corporate Office





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