Anti-bribery policy

Wesfarmers is committed to complying with the laws and regulations of the countries in which our businesses operate and to acting in an ethical manner, consistent with the principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and respect. 

Bribery and related improper conduct are serious criminal offences for the company and any individuals involved. They are also inconsistent with Wesfarmers’ values and our Anti-bribery Policy, which prohibits Directors and employees in the Group from engaging in activity that constitutes bribery or corruption. The policy provides guidelines for the conduct that constitutes bribery or corruption. The Board is provided with details of any material breaches of the Anti-bribery Policy in accordance with Wesfarmers’ reporting processes and procedures, for immediate attention if and as required. 


GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3